• Värska: „Lemmik“ and „A&O“
  • Obinitsa: „A&O“ 
  • Mikitamäe: „A&O“ 
  • There are also shops in Räpina, Võõpsu, Orava, and Vastseliina. From time to time, you can see rolling stores -- buses converted into shops -- traveling around. Essentials, coffee, and basic food and drink can be bought at the Värska gas station (Olerex). 

Gas stations: 

  • Olerex - Värska: Pikk 36, +372 53850015;
  • Olerex - Vastseliina: Tootmise 2, +372 53850215; 

There are also private gas stations in the nearest towns of Räpina, Põlva, and Võru.

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