Setomaa unique and genuine

The Setos are a small Finno-Ugric nation close to the border between Estonia and Russia, in the most southeasterly part of Estonia, an area called Setomaa. Several features distinguish Setos from Estonians. Firstly, in contrast to primarily Lutheran or atheist Estonians, Setos are traditionally Orthodox. Secondly, the language they speak differs from the Estonian written language in a way that makes it difficult for Estonians to understand, and almost impossible for them to learn to speak. Russian has had a major impact on the Seto language, as well as their clothing, cooking, architecture and music. Historically, Setomaa was Russian territory, thus the Russian influence. However, Setos have remained a separate nation to this day, and have not been subsumed by Russia. However, their location on the boundary between East and West has greatly affected the being and essence of Setos. Setomaa has always been on the periphery, a borderland. Being peripheral and being separated from others is the reason why ancient cus

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