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Setomaa Travel Guide


Setomaa is an exotic border area. The well-preserved traditions and cultural heritage of Seto people and especially the Seto leelo (their special way of singing) make this remote getaway a treat for those seeking purity. This land with its beautiful nature – bright pine forests, golden chanterelles and deep primeval valleys – surprises with its exciting places and special people. The Orthodox background of the region, the Seto language and the area’s bordering location make it an especially attractive place. The Setomaa travel guide gives a short overview of Seto people and their land, and then focuses on the tourism route of which is called Seto Külävüü. Since the historical Setomaa has been divided between two countries – Estonia and Russia – it also gives a brief overview of the most important places on the current territory of Russia, such as Pechory and Izborsk. The book outlines some of the most important annual events and gives an overview of catering and accommodation facilities. The end of the travel guide has some practical tips and a small Seto-English dictionary. Setos have lived for centuries on the border of two large cultures, the eastern and western cultures, determined to keep their customs and follow their own beliefs and that is why Setos are cautious, conservative and sustainable. Come with an open mind and respect local customs, then you will be greeted with great hospitality and a very special culture.

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