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Setomaa imago brochure

Seto women’s red-black-and white traditional dress makes them very visible, while the Seto men’s woolen white robes make them look especially dignified. Seto folk costumes are held in high regard in Setomaa to this day because they are worn with pride at every major event. The main colors are white and red. Red symbolizes life and protects the wearer against evil and sickness. Seto folk costumes are prepared completely by hand, and that’s why they are so valuable, as well as expensive. The most important part of the Seto woman’s folk costume is its silver jewelry. It’s said that one can hear a Seto woman coming before one even sees her, because her silver chains and dangling coins make so much noise. The emblem of a married woman is a great brooch: it shows she is of fertile age and protects the woman’s most sensitive place, her soul, from the evil eye. Silver chains and coins are often added to the brooch.

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