Pop-up cafe day

Pop-up Café Day takes place once a year in August, about one week after the Seto Kingdom Day festival. The cafes can be found in the most widespread places, and many a farmyard. Seto food is nutritious and healthy – invariably sourced from fresh components. On this day, we will showcase our finest home chefs and the most scenic places in our villages. Seto Pop-up Café day will take place for the seventh time already, it has become a veritable festival for homemakers and farm folk – people eagerly think ahead and start preparing for it as soon as the snow melts in spring. 
SATURDAY, 17 AUGUST, cafés are open at 12:00-20:00.
SUNDAY,18 AUGUST, we are waiting for guests 11:00-16:00.

2018.a kostipäiva meenutused (fotograafid Harri A.Sundell fotodKersti VirroMartin Ivask)

2017. a kostipäiv (fotograafid Harri A. Sundell fotodMartin Ivask)
2016.a kostipäiv (fotograafid Grethe RõõmMartin Ivask ja Reigo Teervalt
2015.a kostipäiv (fotograafid Triinu KotovKristiina SokkKadri KõomägiMartin Ivask)
2014.a kostipäiv (fotograaf Priit Palomets)
2013.a kostipäiv (fotograaf Priit Palomets)


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