Nature's Healthy Gifts

Health is considered important everywhere in Setomaa. People who live away from cities had to attend to their own state of health. Using simpler kinds of herbal remedies from gathered plants was something well within the means of each family. Everyone knew whom to seek out in the case of a graver malady. There were many wise women or paaba’s, who played the role of midwife and also could drive some kinds of diseased out by the power of words (posija paaba’s). Even now, Setomaa has wise women and healers, although they may not necessarily advertise themselves in brochures.

In the recent decades, for most people the words “Seto” and “health” conjure up the mineral rich Värska water and curative mud baths – Värska is the most popular spa in the Seto region, and also features an aquatic park with various saunas, cosmetic services, natural mineral water and mud baths and everything else to bolster the health.