Ilumetsa meteorite craters

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Meteorite craters are rare around the world. In Ilumetsa in Põlva County, however, there is a group of craters formed from meteorite impacts which the locals call “Hell’s Grave”, “Deep Grave”, “The Devil’s Grave” and “Ghost’s Grave” (the latter three of which are overgrown and not marked).
The biggest of the craters, which were formed around 6600 years ago, is “Hell’s Grave”: it is up to 80 metres in diameter at its widest point, and 12.5 metres deep. The floor of the crater is covered in a layer of peat up to 2.5 metres deep. Hikers will find their way to the crater along a well-maintained boardwalk, passing intriguing wooden sculptures as they go. There is a forest hut with information boards at the mid-point of the trail.