Hino Landscape Protection Area

The Hino Landscape Protection Area is part of the Natura 2000 network of nature protection areas as an important bird and nature area. The protection area encompasses Lake Hino, Lake Idinä and Lake Mustjärv along with two rivers, the Kuura and Pedetsi Rivers. The most noteworthy is Lake Hino with its plentiful fish and many islands and its diverse shoreline and interesting water chemistry (207.1 ha). Over 40 species of birds have been spotted here, of which the most rare are the capercaillie and black-throated loon.  
The medieval Siksäla kalmõtõmägi burial mound that has been thoroughly studied and has yielded many artefacts is located in the area between Lake Hino and Lake Mustjärve.
Good to know! The islands in Lake Hino are off limits during bird nesting season from 01.05.-15.07.